A Tier List contains all characters from a competitive metagame and classes them in tiers from S (or in this case, SS) to F.

There has been many versions of the Tier List and they have been voted for the most part, but also analysed.

First VersionModifier

This is the first version of the Tier List. It was based on characters previews, actual gameplay and tournaments.

Silly Melee

Second VersionModifier

This is the second version of the Tier List.

Silly Melee 2

Third VersionModifier

This is the third version of the Tier List.

Silly Melee 3

Fourth VersionModifier

This is the fourth version of the Tier List.

Silly Melee 4

Fifth VersionModifier

This is the fifth version of the Tier List

Tier List Silly Melee

Current VersionModifier

This is the current version of the Tier List.

Tier List Silly Melee FINAL


  • Samus got first on the Tier List by the discovery of combos that can be done with her bombs.
  • Ganondorf is better than Captain Falcon, the opposite of the regular games.
  • Pichu is better than Pikachu, the opposite of the regular Melee.
  • Despite people actually thinking Roy is better than Marth, it has been proven wrong a long time ago. It is so wrong that the space between the two characters is even larger than in Melee.

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